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QUANTRON announced partnership with New Day Hydrogen at Move America Conference in Austin, Texas

 Quantron AG, specialist in sustainable passenger and freight transport, announced a partnership with New Day Hydrogen, which aims to help build the infrastructure needed for hydrogen refueling throughout the United States and Canada.

 “We’re offering a range-leading hydrogen-fueled truck along with a full 360° service offering for customers through our QaaS model. New Day Hydrogen will be a key piece of this offering with their ability to build on-site hydrogen electrolyzers so that truck fleets will have the confidence and security of being able to supply and manage their own hydrogen needs” , said Rick Haas, CEO of Quantron US.

“We are excited to be partnering with QUANTRON, together addressing the zero-emission vehicle and infrastructure needs of commercial fleets,” said New Day Hydrogen’s COO, Buford Barr. “Hydrogen is a clear zero-emissions option, especially for fleets who have identified operational challenges with batteries and charging.”

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