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The Spanish companies ARPA, Zoilo Ríos and the CSIC promote the first public hydrogen refuelling station in the country

The first hydrogen station will soon see the light in the city of Zaragoza thanks to the synergies of ARPA Equipos Móviles de Campaña and Zoilo Ríos project led by the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas), it will be of public use at national level, the ARPA announced. The hydrogen dispenser will be located in El Cisne 1, on the A-2 towards Madrid, located in the Ebro Hydrogen Corridor.

 The project, headed by the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and led by researcher Luis Valiño of the Instituto de Carboquímica, in collaboration with the Aragonese companies ARPA and Zoilo Ríos, aims to demonstrate the capabilities of hydrogen technology for vehicles in real service conditions. This project has obtained the declaration of regional interest, which will speed up the administrative procedures for the start-up of the first hydrogen plant for public use at the El Cisne 1 service station, on the A-2 towards Madrid, located in the Ebro Hydrogen Corridor.

The total investment in the project amounts to 6 million euros, with 4.5 million contributed by the CSIC through European Next Generation funds from the TransEner platform, and 1.5 million by Zoilo Ríos, who will also provide the land and maintenance of the facilities. The intention is to have the hydrogen plant operational in 2024 to carry out tests until 2025 and assess the viability of these facilities. The estimated useful life of the facility is 25 years.

The business plan includes the production of green hydrogen through efficient electrolysers using heat from solar energy and photovoltaic panels. This energy will be stored in second-use batteries.

Photo of ARPA


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