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Hybot officially announced the specifications of the world’s first hydrogen  long-haul FCEV

Chinese automaker Hybot announced on 25 December in an official press release that its Hybot H49 achieves a cruising range exceeding 1000km and maintains an energy consumption of 8 kg per 100km at 49-ton gross weight.

Hybot H49,a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that stands out as the world’s first top-down designed long-haul FCEV, was launched in Guangzhou, China, in December 2023. It is expected to be delivered in small batches in the second half of 2024, and will be officially mass-produced in 2025.

Despite all the fine-tuning efforts made by other brands, Hybot H49 is a top-down designed long-haul FCEV. The design of the Hybot H49 is remarkably bold, with a front end resembling a high-speed train. This design isn’t merely for aesthetics; it’s engineered to provide the vehicle with an aerodynamic coefficient far superior to its counterparts. In terms of power, Hybot H49 boasts several highlights, including a high Voltage Integration and distributed driving system and a one-piece intelligent hydrogen-electric wire-controlled chassis. All these technologies serve a singular purpose – delivering significantly enhanced operational efficiency.

Photo of Hybot

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