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DREAMH2AUL project started to converse the diesel trucks to hydrogen-electric

A new phase of the DREAMH2AUL project has arrived: the conversion of the trucks to hydrogen-electric has officially started. In the coming period, we will share regular updates, going deeper into the different steps in this conversion process.

With the two donor trucks now in the workshop, we are concluding the engineering phase. The main result is the innovative design that combines a significant zero emission range with a comfortable sleeper cab. The trucks, the ‘ Europa’, are optimised for the European market. They are the first of their kind and are intended as an alternative to diesel trucks in long-distance transport. The trucks make smart use of existing European legislation and are allowed to tow conventional 13.6m ISO trailers or 45-foot containers, and are thus ready to raise the bar in heavy road transport. The trucks will be deployed by Vos Transport Group and BCTN Network of Inland Terminals

The coming weeks will be marked by completion and assembly. The diesel engines and associated components will be replaced by an advanced electric powertrain. We will then install the battery packs, hydrogen fuel cell system and hydrogen storage systems with partner GINAF Trucks Nederland B.V. 


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