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Hydrogen newsletter 29 January-5 February 

Statements of companies and regulators with links of primary sources about real projects 

Baden-Württemberg to invest a further €7.2 M in the “Research Factory for Hydrogen Technology and Fuel Cell Technology” 

The state of Baden-Württemberg is funding further research work as part of the “Research Factory for Hydrogen Technology and Fuel Cell Technology” (HyFaB) with 7.2 million euros, the state announced. The continuation of this successful project is helping the state to make progress in the series production of fuel cell products.

The successful work of the “Research Factory for Hydrogen Technology and Fuel Cell Technology” (HyFaB) project is entering its third round. The Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector is funding the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) and a consortium consisting of the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) and the Karlsruhe Research Centre for Information Technology (FZI) with a total of almost 7.2 million euros.

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Airbus and partners to investigate the feasibility of a hydrogen infrastructure at airports in Sweden and Norway

 Airbus, Avinor, SAS, Swedavia and Vattenfall have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to investigate the feasibility of a hydrogen infrastructure at airports in Sweden and Norway, the Airbus announced.

This cooperation will provide better understanding of hydrogen aircraft concepts and operations, supply, infrastructures and refueling needs at airports in order to help develop this hydrogen aviation ecosystem in both countries. The work will also identify the pathways to select which airports will be transformed first to operate hydrogen-powered aircraft in both countries as well as the accompanying regulatory framework.

This is the first time that a feasibility study of this kind covers two countries and more than 50 airports. It reflects the partners’ shared ambition to use their respective expertise to support the decarbonisation of the aviation industry and to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Airbus also launched the “Hydrogen Hub at Airports” programme to jumpstart research into infrastructure requirements and low-carbon airport operations, across the entire value chain. To date agreements have been signed with partners and airports in ten countries including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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HydrogenPro confirmed FEED study for 300 MW project in the USA

HydrogenPro announced that it is excited to share a significant achievement in delivering another milestone with a compensated Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) process to a prominent Green Ammonia Facility developer in Texas, USA. 

This undisclosed client is pioneering a substantial project with an estimated capacity exceeding 300 megawatts (MW). Their progression to the next phase reflects a strong vote of confidence in HydrogenPro’s ability to provide technology and services at scale. The start of FEED is poised to commence shortly, marking a crucial step forward in our collaborative journey.   

“HydrogenPro has delivered 40 electrolysers for one of the largest projects in the U.S., illustrating that our technology could provide affordable, reliable and clean hydrogen for large-scale projects. Confirmation of this FEED study aligns with our strategic direction as we expand in the US market, commented CEO of HydrogenPro Inc, Jeff Spethmann. 

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Sempra and JBIC to improve the global supply chain through hydrogen and LNG

North America’s leading energy infrastructure company Sempra Infrastructure, a subsidiary of Sempra announced that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) to cooperate on opportunities to advance the energy transition. Through this MOU, Sempra Infrastructure and JBIC aim to further project structuring to improve the global energy supply chain through liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen and other decarbonization efforts in both the United States and Japan.

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TECO 2030 and Umoe Mandal submits fuel cell high-speed vessel design for approval in principle/

TECO 2030 and Umoe Mandal has just delivered the documentation package to the Norwegian Maritime Authority for an approval in principle application of the World’s first fuel cell high-speed vessel design, the TECO 2030 announced. The designed vessel is designed to be installed with a multimegawatt fuel cell system for full propulsion.

The ship will be constructed based on Umoe Mandal’s proven Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) Surface Effect Ship (SES) technology and with the air-cushion catamaran design it will offer low imprint on surrounding environment, even in challenging and vulnerable ocean conditions. CTVs are often used during the construction, maintenance, and operation of offshore wind farms. This specific vessel will be a passenger vessel and have a service speed of 35 knots, a range of minimum 160 nautical miles and carry 275 passengers.

This vessel design is expected to raise a tremendous amount of interest from the global maritime industry as they seek alternatives to transform away from fossil fuels, towards more sustainable fuels. The vessel design aims at being a first of its kind, a zero-emission high-speed passenger vessel sailing along the coast without emitting anything but warm air and water.

Once the vessel design and hydrogen propulsion plant has received the approval in principle, TECO 2030 and Umoe Mandal together with suppliers will continue the process of reaching Final Approval.

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Plug Signs BEDP Contract for a 500MW Electrolyzer in Europe

Plug Power Inc. , announced that it has signed a contract to deliver a Basic Engineering and Design Package (BEDP) for a 500 megawatt (MW) electrolyzer project in Europe. The contract, signed on January 29, 2024, increases Plug’s total amount of BEDP contracts to 4.1 gigawatts (GW).

Plug started offering a Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP) to the market in 2022. The BEDP provides the engineering and plant integration details to allow a full plant front-end engineering design (FEED) study to proceed purposefully and efficiently to understand, in detail, the capital and operating expenditures associated with running a potential plant. The BEDP approach enables Plug’s customers to seamlessly integrate the electrolyzer package into the project’s broader engineering and construction plan. Customers also benefit from Plug’s experiences building its own plants and sharing lessons learned as the only electrolyzer OEM supplier building green hydrogen plants. Plug commissioned the largest 15TPD electrolytic liquid hydrogen production plant, and largest PEM electrolyzer deployment operating in the U.S., in January 2024.

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German-Italian Enapter and  Chinese Wolong sign  agreement to bring  AEM electrolysers to China

Through this partnership, the joint venture will acquire AEM stacks from Enapter and then produce our AEM Electrolyser products locally in China for the Chinese market, the German-Italian electrolyser manufacturer Enapter announced.

Enapter will hold a 49% stake in the joint venture company and grant it an exclusive licence for the sale and production of AEM Electrolysers in China, for which we will receive a licence fee of 3% of future sales. Our team will also provide fee-based engineering services and technical support to the joint venture.

Wolong will hold a 51% stake and contribute around EUR 2 million in cash to the joint venture company, as well as providing sufficient financing, production resources and local personnel to set up production, sales and support.

This JV agreement significantly expands the cooperation agreed in August 2023 including a framework supply contract worth more than EUR 6 million.

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Everfuel transfers Hydrogen Hub Agder ownership to Greenstat Hydrogen AS

Everfuel A/S announced, that it has transferred its ownership in the planned 20 MW Hydrogen Hub Agder electrolyser to the project partner Greenstat Hydrogen AS in exchange for potential future milestone-based payments for its participation in the development of the project.

The potential future payments depend on the project achieving final investment decision. Following the share transfer, Greenstat Hydrogen AS own 100% of the project located in Kristiansand, Norway. 

“This transaction is in line with our realigned strategy with focus on phased development of large-scale electrolysers in Denmark to meet demand for green hydrogen from large industrial users in Germany and continental Europe. We are pleased that our project partner Greenstat Hydrogen AS now assumes full ownership to further mature the project and bringing the facility into production to decarbonise maritime transport,” says Jacob Krogsgaard, founder and CEO of Everfuel. 

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 3 EODev GEH2 power generators paralleled for the 1st time on a construction site in the Netherlands 

Since couple of days and for 2 weeks, EODev’s generators have been running at full capacity in the heart of Berg-op-Zoom, the company announced on 1 February.

Initiated by TenneT TSO B.V. (local power grid operator) and A.Hak(specializing in building and construction), three GEH2® were deployed on site with the help of our distributor Genpower BV. The generators provide 210kW of continuous #power, enough to recharge all the 100% electric equipment on site, as well as recharging a 500kWh battery pack during breaks which enable a max power output of up 450kVA.

In all, some 840kg of hydrogen available on site will be used to meet the needs of this large-scale project.

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Lhyfe and SAF+ sign a MoU to produce e-SAF from green hydrogen for aviation industry 

Lhyfe and SAF+ International Group (SAF+), a world leader in the production and marketing of e-SAF (electro Sustainable Aviation Fuel), wish to combine their expertise to develop the production of e-SAF from green and renewable hydrogen, at a production site located in the Le Havre area, the Lhyfe announced. 

The partners are aiming for a facility in the port region of Le Havre, where Lhyfe would build a green hydrogen production site with a capacity of more than 100 tonnes per day (300 MW of installed electrolysis capacity) to supply an e-SAF production site that SAF+ is planning to build. This industrial complex would be connected to the hydrocarbon transport network in order to transport the e-SAF obtained from Le Havre to airports in the Paris region, as well as in northern and eastern France via the existing infrastructure.

The two partners are aiming for a market launch by 2030.

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GTT, TotalEnergies, LMG Marin reach a new milestone liquefied hydrogen transport 

GTT, TotalEnergies, LMG Marin and Bureau Veritas announced the success of their Joint Development Project (JDP), which resulted in two Approvals in Principle (AIP) from Bureau Veritas.

The first approval concerns the design of a cryogenic membrane containment system for liquefied hydrogen (LH2) developed by GTT. The second is for the preliminary design of a 150,000 m3 Large-Scale LH2 Carrier equipped with the GTT containment system.

These approvals are part of the JDP announced in April[1] 2023, paving the way for the maritime transport of hydrogen. The ability to transport very large volumes of hydrogen in liquefied form, at -253°C, is one of the technological challenges to be met to establish a reliable, efficient and competitive hydrogen supply chain and, therefore, to enable an energy transition towards a carbon-free future.

Faced with these challenges, TotalEnergies, GTT, LMG Marin and Bureau Veritas have joined forces to develop an innovative large-scale LH2 carrier concept. This collaboration testifies to the exceptional synergy between key players in French industry to meet the challenges of hydrogen shipping on a global scale. Each member has contributed specific expertise and know-how, demonstrating a collective commitment to finding solutions to the climate challenge:

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Hazer Achieves First Hydrogen and Graphite at Commercial Demonstration Plant

Australian Hazer Group announced the start-up of its Commercial Demonstration Plant (“CDP”) and first production of hydrogen and graphite. The Company introduced feed gas to the reactor at Hazer process conditions today and subsequently achieved first hydrogen and Hazer-produced graphite at the facility.

The Company expects to ramp up operations through the 1st half of CY2024, safely executing the performance testing program to deliver data that demonstrates its commercial readiness. The performance testing program will focus on demonstrating continuous operation at a commercial scale and be leveraged into Hazer’s global commercial project portfolio. Hazer will provide updates as key results become available.

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Solaris signed a contract for the supply of 23 hydrogen buses to the German transport operator LNGV

Solaris and public transport operator Lokale Nahverkehrsgesellschaft mbH in the District of Groß-Gerau signed a contract for the supply of 15 Urbino 12 hydrogen units and 8 articulated Urbino 18 hydrogen buses, the busmaker announced. This is the first order placed by this public transport oprator with Solaris.

LNVG has been testing hydrogen technology in public transport for a few years now and also aim to transform the whole fleet to be zero-emission and to generate no noxious emissions by 2030. The investment in 23 Solaris hydrogen buses which has just been made will considerably contribute to achieving this goal. The cutting-edge buses will roll out onto the streets of Groß-Gerau in November 2024 for 12-meter models, and articulated models by mid-2025. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport.

More and more German cities and regions are deploying our hydrogen buses in public transport. We are a leading bus maker in Europe when it comes to manufacturing and delivering vehicles of this type. Urbino hydrogen units have so far been ordered and delivered to clients from Austria, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy.

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Centrotech manufactured metal composite cylinders of various volumes for hydrogen with pressure of 700 bar

Centre of Technological Competences “Polymer Composite Materials” of NPO Centrotech LLC (Russia, Sverdlovsk region) announced that it have developed, manufactured and successfully tested prototypes of metal composite cylinders of various volumes for storage and transportation of hydrogen with an operating pressure of 700 atmospheres (68.9 megapascal).

The list of ultra-high-pressure metal-composite cylinders includes a prototype cylinder for hydrogen storage and transportation with a volume of 50 litres. The specially developed leiner (inner sealing layer of the cylinder) is made of aluminium alloy, and the reinforcing winding of the cylinder is made with the use of carbon fibre.According to the test results, the prototype of the 50 litre metal-composite cylinder confirmed compliance with all the high requirements for a cylinder with an operating pressure of 700 atm. During the tests, the prototype demonstrated the required safety margin (withstood ultimate loads with a safety margin factor of 2.4) and confirmed resistance to cyclic stresses.

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eFrancisco Motor Corporation and Luftcar to develop a new eVTOL powered by hydrogen

HDEX, a pioneering Hydrogen Exchange platform announced that two partners, eFrancisco Motor Corporation and Luftcar have come together to develop a new Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) project. The focal point of this groundbreaking collaboration is the development of the LUFT PINOY eVTOL powered by Hydrogen. 

The eVTOL technology is tailored to meet the unique demands of the Philippines, an archipelago with over 7,101 islands. The applications of this technology extend across various sectors, including public transportation, last mile delivery, tourism, emergency response, disaster relief, law enforcement, defense, and border patrol.

Anticipated to unveil its prototype within the next couple of months, LuftCar will mass produce the aircraft in Philippines in partnership with eFMC in Camarines Norte, adjacent to the iconic Francisco Jeepney. Camarines Norte, with eFMC’s 200-hectare Special Economic Zone, is declared as Ground Zero for this technological revolution. Governor Dong Padilla extends full support to make the Philippines the epicenter of this groundbreaking cause.

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Linde Starts up Supply of Clean Hydrogen and Captured Carbon Dioxide to Celanese

Linde announced  that it has started supplying clean hydrogen and captured carbon dioxide to Celanese, a global chemical and specialty materials company.

Linde is supplying Celanese with carbon dioxide captured from its state-of-the-art carbon monoxide and hydrogen production facility at Clear Lake, Texas. Celanese will use the captured carbon dioxide and resulting clean hydrogen, along with other carbon dioxide sources, as feedstock to produce methanol with a lower carbon intensity at its Fairway Methanol LLC joint venture with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

Linde already supplies carbon monoxide, oxygen and nitrogen to Celanese from its Clear Lake facility and US Gulf Coast pipeline system. The additional supply is an expansion of the existing long-term agreement.

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Air Liquide and TotalEnergies have launched a joint venture to distribute hydrogen for heavy-duty vehicles

On the occasion of Hyvolution 2024, Air Liquide and TotalEnergies announce the creation of TEAL Mobility. Equally owned by the two companies, TEAL Mobility will accelerate the development of hydrogen for heavy duty trucks by offering a network of 100 stations on major European corridors. This approach contributes to reinforce the momentum given to the entire industry, from truck manufacturers to transport operators.

TEAL Mobility aims to develop more than 100 hydrogen stations over the next decade, creating the first transnational European network of this size – under the TotalEnergies brand. TEAL Mobility will be operating around 20 stations in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany from 2024.

TEAL Mobility provides a solution for transport and logistics operators committed to reducing their CO2 emissions. Hydrogen is particularly well-suited to long-distance road transport, as it enables rapid refueling – in about 15 minutes – and a long range – around 800 km – while preserving vehicle loading capacity.

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Turbotech and Safran test first hydrogen turboprop for light aircraft

Turbotech and Safran successfully completed the first test of a hydrogen-fueled aero gas turbine engine with ultra-high performance regenerative cycle, the Safran announced.

The test was made possible by ArianeGroup’s resources and decades of expertise in preparing and performing tests with hydrogen fuels for space applications at its Vernon test facility in France.

This initial trial was carried out using hydrogen fuel stored in gaseous form. In a second phase later this year, the engine will be coupled to a cryogenic liquid storage system developed by Air Liquide to demonstrate the end-to-end integration of a propulsion system replicating all functions on a complete aircraft.

The BeautHyFuel project is supported by the French government and DGAC through France’s post-pandemic stimulus program. It complements other initiatives by Safran to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of air transport.

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Lhyfe reviews the results of the world’s first offshore hydrogen production pilot

Lhyfe has announced that the operating results of its offshore hydrogen production pilot platform, Sealhyfe, which returned to dock in November 2023, confirm that the initial objectives have been met and enable another step forward for the company.

The Sealhyfe project, equipped with a 1 MW electrolyser supplied by Plug, aimed to demonstrate that producing hydrogen offshore from renewable energy sources is already a reality. More specifically, the experiment aimed to:

  • Demonstrate Lhyfe’s ability to operate an industrial-scale production unit (1 MW) in an isolated environment,
  • Prove the reliability of the electrolysis technology in harsh environmental conditions that are representative of the operating conditions of its future large-scale offshore sites,
  • Provide a database of operating data that can be used to optimise and make production processes more reliable, and to test the technologies employed with a view to scaling them up to sites with ten times and then 100 times greater capacity.

A range of measurement and data collection instruments were installed on board Sealhyfe to ensure precise management and control of all the production unit’s parameters from September 2022 to November 2023, first at the quayside and then at sea.

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Eni to convert Livorno refinery into a bio-refinery with hydrogen facility production 

Eni confirms its decision to build Italy’s third bio-refinery in Livorno, the company announced. The project, first announced in October 2022 and followed by an application for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in November 2022, is awaiting official authorisations and includes the construction of three new facilities for the production of hydrogenated biofuels: a biogenic feedstock pre-treatment unit; a 500,000 tonnes/year Ecofining™ plant; and a facility to produce hydrogen from methane gas.

The conversion of the Livorno industrial site, following other successful conversions in Porto Marghera (2014) and Gela (2019), confirms Eni’s decarbonization strategy, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and increase bio-refining capacity from the current 1.65 million tonnes/year to over 5 million tonnes/year by 2030.

Preparatory work for the construction of the three new bio-refining plants is underway, with construction to commence following regulatory approval. Completion and commissioning are expected by 2026.

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Stellantis Begins Inhouse Production of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Midsize, Large Vans in Europe

Stellantis Pro One commercial vehicle lineup expands its production capabilities of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with in-house production starting now on both mid-size and large van offers in Hordain (France) and Gliwice (Poland), respectively, boosting the Company’s zero-emissions offerings, the automaker announced. The extended lineup and increased in-house, industrial scale production of fuel cell vans helps cement Stellantis’ standing as the undisputed leader in zero-emission propulsion in commercial vehicles in Europe.

In October 2023, the Company unveiled a full revamp of the van lineup as a key element of the Pro One strategic offensive for Stellantis’ Commercial Vehicles Business. Stellantis and its brands are leveraging a full range of advanced electrified propulsion, safety, ADAS and connectivity technologies to provide a stress-free environment for drivers and a reliable business partner to commercial owners. Stellantis Pro One has a powerful commercial vehicle manufacturing footprint to support its European leadership with the sites of Mangualde (Portugal), Vigo (Spain), and Ellesmere Port (UK) for K9 compact vans, Hordain (France) and Luton (UK) for K0 mid-size vans, and Atessa (Italy) and Gliwice (Poland) for large-size vans.

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Volvo Trucks unveiled an all-new heavy-duty truck platform that will serve the step to a hydrogen fuel cell solution

Volvo Trucks has unveiled an all-new heavy-duty truck platform for the North American market in parallel to a new heavy-duty truck range for Europe, Australia and markets in Asia and Africa. New energy efficient models – including trucks running on electricity and renewable fuels – will reduce CO2 emissions and take the company closer to the target of having a net-zero emission product range by year 2040.

This means a significant overhaul and expansion of Volvo Trucks heavy-duty offering globally and a vital step to reduce the carbon footprint from the product portfolio.

First out is the all-new Volvo VNL model, replacing Volvo’s best-selling truck on the North American market for long haul transport. Sales are set to start in the end of the first quarter of 2024.

In Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa, Volvo is launching the new Volvo FH Aero – optimized for energy-efficient heavy-duty transports. 

The move reflects Volvo Group’s commitment to decarbonization built on three pillars – one that incorporates battery-electric, and hydrogen powered fuel cell electric solutions, as well as internal combustion engines running on renewable fuels.

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Hexagon Purus opens new hydrogen infrastructure and systems manufacturing hub in Weeze, Germany

Hexagon Purus announced that it has expanded its primary manufacturing facility in Weeze, Germany for engineering and production of hydrogen infrastructure products including systems for distribution, refueling and stationary storage.

Hexagon Purus is ramping up its capacity to meet growing customer demand for hydrogen infrastructure solutions as the world transitions to clean energy sources. The existing 11,000m2 state of the art facility in Weeze is now expanded to 16,000m2. The capacity expansion approximately doubles Hexagon Purus’ annual production capacity of type 4 high-pressure hydrogen infrastructure solutions.

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Baker Hughes Achieves New Hydrogen Milestones to Accelerate Transition to Hydrogen Economy

  • New hydrogen testing facility at Florence, Italy, manufacturing site unveiled as part of the company’s strategy to further support the deployment of hydrogen-ready technologies, such as the optimized NovaLT™16 turbine delivered to Air Products’ Net-Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex in Edmonton
  • Progress follows delivery of advanced hydrogen compression technologies for NEOM green hydrogen complex in Saudi Arabia, as well as new collaborations in the hydrogen sector with HyET and Green Energy Park

Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, announced  several milestones to support the growth of the hydrogen economy, as part of the company’s broader strategy in new energy. The milestones were announced during the 24th Baker Hughes Annual Meeting held in Florence, Italy, and included advancements in the company’s hydrogen enabling technologies, as well as progress in executing several customers’ hydrogen projects and new collaborations in the sector.

The milestones include:

  • Baker Hughes unveiled a new Hydrogen Testing Facility for validation of its NovaLT™ industrial turbines to run blends all the way up to 100% hydrogen. The new facility includes a test bench to allow full load testing, with complete fuel flexibility up to 100% hydrogen and features a 300-bar pressure and 2,450 kg storage capacity. This infrastructure, aligned to the highest standards of safety and security – which are particularly crucial when dealing with hydrogen – allows Baker Hughes to test turbines in all project conditions, providing customers with enhanced operational confidence. The new Hydrogen Testing Facility will then serve as a hub for Baker Hughes’ collaboration with customers in the growing hydrogen economy.
  • Baker Hughes recently completed manufacturing and testing of its NovaLT™16 hydrogen turbines for Air Products’ Net-Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex in Edmonton, Canada. The NovaLT™16 turbines underwent full load testing at the newly unveiled Hydrogen Testing Facility. This family of turbines can be deployed for a variety of industrial applications, including combined heat and power, as well as for pipeline and gas storage operations. 
  • The company also reported progress on another key Air Products’ hydrogen project, with the delivery of the first two trains of advanced hydrogen compression solutions for the NEOM project in Saudi Arabia, the largest green hydrogen project in the world through the equal joint venture of ACWA Power, Air Products and NEOM. Baker Hughes recently invested in expanding its manufacturing site in Modon, Saudi Arabia, to further support the delivery of projects in the country, including NEOM, with localized testing and packaging solutions. Both projects are part of the two companies’ long-standing collaboration on hydrogen inaugurated in 2021.

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