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Enapter delivered  latest AEM Nexus 1000 electrolyser to the megawatt-class Hydrogen Terminal in Braunschweig

Exciting update from Braunschweig! We’ve successfully delivered our latest AEM Nexus 1000 electrolyser to the megawatt-class Hydrogen Terminal project, the company said.

AEM Nexus 1000 represents a cost-effective alternative to traditional megawatt-class electrolysers. With 420 modular AEM Stacks, it forms a complete system capable of producing ~450 kg of hydrogen per day.

Powered by local renewable energies,  AEM Nexus 1000 will soon supply green hydrogen and processed electrolysis waste heat for various applications within this multi-purpose project.

Alongside deploying our large-scale AEM Electrolyser, significant progress has been made in and around the Hydrogen Terminal buildings – from interior construction to heat pumps, transformer stations, buffer storage, Maximator Hydrogen GmbH’s H2 refuelling station, preparations for an impressive PV system, and more. The key handover is scheduled for Q2 2024.

Photo of Enapter 

Press release

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