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A green hydrogen plant has been opened in Norway’s largest fishing port 

Project partners – HYDS, Dalane Energi AS and Eigersund Næring og Havn KF – gathered for the official opening ceremony in Grand Hotell Eigersund on February 8 in the presence of various industrial, political, and scientific stakeholders, including the Norwegian Minister of Industry Jan Christian Vestre.

The new hydrogen plant will be the first of its kind in Rogaland to produce green hydrogen and is located in one of Norway’s largest fishing ports, the  HYDS announced. The plant, named  Kaupanes Hydrogen, has been built to scale up in line with demand with a great potential both within the transport and maritime sectors. Kaupanes Hydrogen produces green hydrogen using water electrolysis. The plant also supplies green hydrogen to Prima Protein as part of the “Robinson” EU project.

Photo of Kaupanes Hydrogen

Press release

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