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Pulsenics collaborates with Hyzon  to unlock novel performance optimization capabilities for hydrogen electric heavy-duty trucks

Pulsenics, a leading provider of advanced impedance spectroscopy and data solutions, announced a project collaboration with Hyzon Motors, a global supplier of hydrogen electric vehicles. 

This project aims to unlock novel performance optimization capabilities for hydrogen electric heavy-duty trucks, which use hydrogen fuel cells as a promising alternative to conventional diesel engines. Whilst the cost of hydrogen-electric trucks is currently higher than diesel-powered trucks, maximizing fuel cell efficiency, performance, and durability is expected to significantly drive down costs and introduce competitive economics compared to conventional trucking. 

Under the partnership, Pulsenics’ proprietary monitoring technology, powered by spectroscopy, will be leveraged to provide real-time visibility into the internal conditions of Hyzon Motors’ fuel cells, including the critical performance metric of membrane hydration: a key determinant of fuel cell performance and durability.

“Historically, real-time monitoring of fuel cell membrane hydration has not been commercially possible, making real-time performance efficiency management complex, expensive, and time-consuming. By tackling this challenge, this project significantly contributes to ongoing efforts to accelerate the development and deployment of fuel cell technologies for heavy-duty trucking applications,” said Mariam Awara, Pulsenics COO.

“We are thrilled to have the support of OVIN and to partner with Hyzon Motors to introduce novel monitoring capabilities to enhance fuel cell performance for heavy-duty trucking. We believe this partnership will accelerate the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions through meaningful performance and economic efficiencies,” said Dr. Essam Elsahwi, Pulsenics CEO.

“As Hyzon works to accelerate the adoption of fuel cell powered vehicles internationally, optimizing hydrogen efficiency and fuel cell durability will be key in providing total cost of ownership similar to current diesel vehicles,” said Hyzon Motors Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Dr. Christian Mohrdieck. “Hyzon looks forward to integrating Pulsenics’ promising monitoring technology into our proprietary fuel cell systems to generate real-world learnings.” 

“Ontario is leading the automotive and transportation revolution and our companies are commercializing leading-edge technology that will shape how we move people and goods in the future. The partnership between Pulsenics Inc. and Hyzon Motors is another great example of how Ontario companies are advancing sustainable transportation while generating new employment opportunities across our province,” said Raed Kadri, Head of OVIN.

This nearly $1.7M project has received support from the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) and industry contributions.

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