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EENA and Montauk agree to produce e-fuel from biogenic CO2 and green hydrogen

In a pivotal move towards sustainable energy solutions, EE North America (“EENA”) and Montauk Renewables, Inc. (“Montauk”) have signed a long-term contract for the delivery of 140,000 tons/year of biogenic carbon dioxide (“CO2”) over a minimum 15-year term. Montauk will capture, clean and liquify CO2 at select Texas facilities, at which point it will be transported via truck to EENA’s Texas-based e-methanol facility. There, the CO2, along with green hydrogen, will be synthesized to create e-methanol, a versatile substance with applications in shipping as e-fuel, as a raw material for sustainable green plastics, and blended in heavy transport.

Photo of EENA

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