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Amogy has been awarded statement by LR certifying ammonia-to-electrical power system for maritime applications

Amogy Inc. , a pioneer of carbon-free, energy-dense ammonia power solutions, has been awarded a feasibility statement by Lloyd’s Register (“LR”), a leading provider of classification and compliance services to the maritime and offshore industries, the company stated.

This statement serves as the official approval of Amogy’s Technology Qualification Plan (“TQP”), which outlines the full set of component testing that Amogy intends to complete, providing evidence that its technology is viable for maritime applications. Reaching this milestone marks a crucial step in completing LR’s Technology Qualification process.

Amogy has developed an innovative ammonia-to-electrical power system that splits, or “cracks,” liquid ammonia into its base elements of hydrogen and nitrogen, which then funnels the hydrogen into a fuel cell, generating high-performance power at five times the energy density of lithium batteries. This technology offers a sustainable, clean energy solution tailored for industries such as maritime shipping and power generation.

“Receiving this Statement of Feasibility from Lloyd’s Register is a major milestone in affirming the safety and viability of our ammonia-to-electrical power system,” said Seonghoon Woo, CEO of Amogy. “As we advance through LR’s rigorous Technology Qualification process, we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide innovative, sustainable solutions that reshape the future of clean energy for maritime shipping.”

Photo of Amogy: CEO Seonghoon Woo (right) with Chris Pfisterer (left), VP Commercial, Americas at Lloyd’s Register

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