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Polish Polsat Plus Group aims to produce green hydrogen in Konin

Group’s hydrogen cars have driven their first million kilometers

Hydrogen cars owned by the Polsat Plus Group have driven one million kilometers, the company said. Polsat Plus Group company PAK PCE will soon start producing green hydrogen in Konin, which will be supplied to hydrogen refueling stations. Stations from the Polsat Plus Group under the NESO brand are already operating in Warsaw and Rybnik, with plans to build more in several Polish cities. The Polsat Plus Group also manufactures NesoBus hydrogen buses at its factory in Świdnik, which are running in Rybnik, and more have been ordered by Chelm and Gdansk.

The Polsat Plus Group already has more than 150 hydrogen electric cars – Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo. The vehicles have driven their first million kilometers in recent days.

Photo of Polsat Plus Group

Press release

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