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Universal Hydrogen announced that it is designing a 2MW hydrogen powertrain for aircraft 

“We reveal powertrain architecture for our 2MW hydrogen powertrain. We’ve achieved a groundbreaking 1 MW powertrain ground test and successfully flown the 1 MW Powertrain fueled by gaseous hydrogen. Now, our engineering teams are designing a 2MW powertrain, pushing the boundaries of innovation in zero-emission aviation”, the  Universal Hydrogen, headquartered in California, announced in its LinkedIn.

The company reported In February, that it has successfully run a megawatt-class fuel cell powertrain using its proprietary liquid hydrogen module to supply the fuel. “This is the largest fuel cell powertrain ever to run on liquid hydrogen,” said Mark Cousin, the company’s president & CTO, “making it another in a series of ‘firsts’ for Universal Hydrogen.” The liquid hydrogen module powered the company’s “iron bird” ground test rig for over 1 hour and 40 minutes, simulating a regional aircraft flight profile. The iron bird is a functional analogue of the powertrain that Universal Hydrogen has been flight testing since March 2023. The company’s liquid hydrogen module holds fuel to power the iron bird for over three hours at full power, with two such modules sufficient for 500 nautical miles of usable range (on top of reserves) for an ATR72 regional airliner. This demonstration, conducted at the Mojave Air & Space Port, is the first time the company’s module and powertrain have been integrated together, marking another significant accomplishment on the path toward entry into passenger service planned for 2026.

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