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Hynion and Toyota Norge to drive the infrastructure for hydrogen in Norway

Toyota Norge and Hynion are now expanding their cooperation, and Toyota is stepping in with operating support to contribute to Hynion’s costs for the hydrogen refueling station at Høvik. The aid will be used for necessary plant upgrades and other improvements that will increase the capacity and the availability of hydrogen at the station.

Toyota is the car manufacturer that has come the furthest in the development of passenger cars with fuel cells that run on hydrogen. They launched their first hydrogen-powered fuel cell car, the Mirai, in 2014 and today it is in operation in many countries and continues to be sold on the global market.

Despite Norway’s official investment in hydrogen, the expansion of the infrastructure has been slow. Currently, there is only one public hydrogen refueling station in use in the whole of Norway, and it is Hynion’s station at Høvik outside Oslo. Hynion is also awaiting re-certification of its hydrogen refueling station in Porsgrunn, while looking at opportunities for the establishment of new hydrogen refueling stations.

“For Toyota Norge, it is imperative that Hynion’s hydrogen refueling station at Høvik can increase capacity and be upgraded to seamless functionally and accessibility for our customers. We really appreciate Hynion’s business as a hydrogen supplier, and we look forward to an ongoing solid cooperation in order to bolster that hydrogen is becoming progressively used as fuel for vehicles,” says Espen Olsen, Chief Information Officer Toyota Norge.

“We are incredibly grateful for Toyota’s support. Expanding the hydrogen infrastructure is a challenge that requires large investments. At the same time, the number of passenger cars and heavy vehicles that run on hydrogen is limited, thus the demand for hydrogen is still relatively low. If we are to reach the climate goals, then we all need to help drive development,” says Slavica Djuric, CEO of Hynion AS.

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