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Hydrogen powered aircraft Stralis SA-1 will be 50% cheaper to operate than a Bombardier Dash 8

Stralis Aircraft (YC W23) Chief Executive Officer Bob Criner is detailing how the hydrogen powered 50-seat Stralis SA-1, due to enter service in 2030, will be 50% cheaper to operate than a Bombardier Dash 8, the Regional Aviation Association of Australia (RAAA) reported.

Bob Criner was the first speaker in the Emerging Technology In Aviation session at RAAA Convention 2024.

“Hydrogen electric flight is here now; there are hydrogen electric aircraft flying in other parts of the world,” Bob Criner said.

“The customer base is there – people want these products and this is a key part of what is driving us forward.”

Bob pointed to the Stralis test bed, a modified Beech Bonanza named Clyde, which is on display in the corner of the conference room.

Photo of Stralis Aircraft

Press release

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