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50 MW green hydrogen project in Neumünster

  • With an electrolysis capacity of 50 MW, the hub can produce up to 5,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year
  • The hub features a globally unique sustainable value chain for green hydrogen production
  • Potential customers include regional industrial and mobility companies and hydrogen refuelling station for trucks

A lighthouse project for the production of green hydrogen is to be built in Neumünster. INFENER CEO Joel Vogl and Senior Mayor Tobias Bergmann gave the go-ahead for the realisation of the INFENER hub at a press conference. The planned hub is set to produce up to 5,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year from 2026 with an installed electrolysis capacity of 50 megawatts (MW). Other plants currently produce an average of around 1,500 tonnes. The holistic approach is also unique, making the hub a showcase project for the decentralised hydrogen circular economy.

“With this project, we are consolidating our reputation as the hydrogen capital of Schleswig-Holstein. Architecturally, the plant will be an eye-catcher and it is also economically important for our city, as the plant’s headquarters will be in Neumünster. Following the decision by the main committee to reserve the site for INFENER, I am confident that the council will follow suit next Tuesday. This is a great success for the energy transition in our region,” declares Senior Mayor Tobias Bergmann.

The design was created by the Hamburg-based architecture and design firm Hadi Teherani. Construction of the facility on a 29,000 square metre site is scheduled to start this year. The costs are expected to total 133 million euros.

Photo of INFENER

Press release

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