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ULEMCo to Convert Automobile GPU to Run on a Diesel-hydrogen Mixture for Airport 

“We’re proud to have been awarded a Transport Research and Innovation Grant for a groundbreaking hydrogen project: using similar technology to that which has seen us converting many road-going utility vehicles to run on clean hydrogen fuel, in this project we’ll be taking a diesel GPU (Ground Power Unit) used daily by Exeter Airport, and converting it to run on a mixture of diesel and hydrogen”, the ULEMCo  (headquartered in Liverpool) announced.

“We expect to displace around 50% of the diesel used within the engine with hydrogen – resulting in a direct saving of 50% in CO2 emitted at the tailpipe.Just one of the ways our dual fuel technology is helping to deliver net-zero in airport operations, while increasing hydrogen demand as hydrogen infrastructure grows”, the company stated.

Photo of ULEMCo Ltd

Press release

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