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Belgian first with green hydrogen boiler in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges

In collaboration with Imtech, Remeha and Solencopower, a pilot project has been launched at one of the port’s buildings with a boiler running entirely on green hydrogen to demonstrate the feasibility of this climate-neutral technology, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges stated. It is the first time such a boiler has been used in Belgium for a workshop of this size.

One of the workshops of the NOC (Nautical Operational Cluster) – the operational nerve centre of Port of Antwerp Bruges – will be heated via a hydrogen boiler running on 100% green hydrogen, making it climate-neutral. The use of this type of boiler for such a building is a first in Belgium. The Schildershal workshop (‘Painters’ Hall), is 1430 m³ in size and is used, among other things, for painting infrastructure such as components of locks. The project, conceived in late 2019, is a collaboration between Imtech (contractor), Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Tractebel (design team), Remeha (boiler manufacturer) and Solencopower(manufacturer).

The green hydrogen comes entirely from renewable energy: 70% from locally produced green energy from surplus solar panels and the remaining 30% from the grid through green power purchases. An electrolyser with an output of 30 kW uses this green power to split 134 litres of water per day into hydrogen (gas, which is stored in 8 bottles) that feeds the hydrogen boiler (with an output of 24 kW) to heat the Schildershal. In addition, 80% of the waste heat produced from the electrolyser will be recovered to provide additional heating for the workshop. The boiler consumes 10 kg of hydrogen during a harsh winter day, which is almost equivalent to two fully loaded hydrogen cars. The heating power is equal to the power required to heat 2 single-family homes.

Photo of Port of Antwerp-Bruges

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