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Bill Gates filled a pothole in the road with asphalt produced by a methane hydrogen plant

This plant is owned by Modern Hydrogen (headquartered in Woodinville, Wash), which has developed technology to split natural gas to produce hydrogen. The by-product is solid carbon, which is used to produce the asphalt used by Bill Gates in this case. Modern Hydrogen has built two similar plants and Bill Gates has invested in Modern Hydrogen.

«I filled a pothole—and reduced greenhouse gas emissions—during my incredible visit to Modern Hydrogen», Bill Gates wrote in his LinkedIn.- “With an innovative process that removes carbon from natural gas to get emissions-free hydrogen, Modern Hydrogen is decarbonizing the energy market. And by sequestering that carbon in asphalt used to build roads (and repair potholes), the company is decarbonizing the building materials market, too. I’m proud to have been an early investor in Modern Hydrogen, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.»

Photo of Bill Gates

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