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FuelPositive has completed tests of the on-farm Containerized Green Ammonia system

FuelPositive Corporation, a leading Green Ammonia announced that the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) was successfully completed by FuelPositive’s farmer-partner and advisor, Curtis Hiebert, from Sperling, Manitoba and shipment of the world’s first FuelPositive FP300 system has commenced.

Curtis Hiebert took time out of his busy spring season schedule to visit the team at FuelPositive’s new small-batch manufacturing facility in Waterloo, Ontario, to complete the FAT and mandatory safety training for the first FP300, which will be delivered on-farm this week. Tracy and Curtis Hiebert were selected as recipient of the World’s first FuelPositive’s demonstration pilot for the FuelPositive’s on-farm Containerized Green Ammonia system.

“The Hiebert Factory Acceptance Testing was completed successfully, and our team is thrilled and incredibly proud of this collaborative achievement,” stated Nelson Leite, FuelPositive’s Chief Technology Officer and Board Member. “The system was demonstrated at our Waterloo facility installed the way it will be installed in Manitoba. FuelPositive’s team will be in Sperling, Manitoba, this week to receive the first FP300 and begin its commissioning.”

“The Factory Acceptance is a huge milestone for us and FuelPositive. Seeing the system installed and operating makes this whole project that much more real. We are very much looking forward to its arrival on the farm in the coming days. It is amazing for us to be first in the world. We are very proud to be the first farm,” said Curtis Hiebert. “Thinking ahead and setting a solid future for our family is the most important thing for us,” added Hiebert.

Several farmers, potential customers, and investors attended on April 10 to meet with FuelPositive’s team to learn more about the Company’s current technology and future projects. This provided a first hand opportunity for farmers to witness the FP300 system in action and gain insights into its capabilities.

Manitoba-based multi-generational precision agriculture grain farmers Daniel and Scott Kroeker and Corey Park, General Manager of Rutherford Farms, which is one of the top seed producers in Canada and a near “net-zero” farming enterprise joined the event.

“The tour and training were helpful and informative for Scott and me. We are very excited to have the first system on Curtis’ farm! We’re also investors in FuelPositive. It was great to meet the team that is putting this all together. As farmers, leaving the land better than we found it and creating a solid legacy for our kids is a big motivation. FuelPositive understands how important this is to many farmers,” said Daniel Kroeker, co-owner/operator.

“Having FuelPositive systems on our farms will significantly reduce our emissions footprint and could quickly push us into a “net-zero” reality,” added Corey Park. “The launch of FuelPositive’s Canadian technology in Manitoba has the potential to be a game-changer for farmers worldwide.”

“This day marks a pivotal moment for the Company, resulting from months of dedicated teamwork and expertise. The transformative impact of what unfolds next at the Hiebert’s farm will set a new standard, revolutionizing farming practices worldwide,” concluded Ian Clifford, Co-Founder, CEO, and Board Chair of FuelPositive.

The first On-Farm FP300 system ships on April 15, 2024:

As a result of the major FAT milestone, FuelPositive has remained on schedule and has begun shipping the First FP300 system . FuelPositive expects it will take up to a week for all the components to arrive on-farm in Manitoba and will continue to provide photos and updates as on-farm delivery is completed.

“We’re incredibly excited about what today means for our dedicated company and determined team. We’re beyond proud. Our technology has the potential to make a difference in farmers’ quality of life and for the environment,” stated Luna Clifford, FuelPositive Co-Founder and CIO. “We set out to build a company mindful of its impact on the world and its people, and we are succeeding. Our technology aims to empower farmers, by providing them with easy and affordable access to fertilizer and fuel and bringing much-needed stability. It is also about raising awareness amongst Canadians about global food security and the solutions available today.”

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