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Amogy to deploy ammonia-to-electrical power system on construction sites in Norway 

Amogy, a provider of mature, scalable, and efficient ammonia-to-power solutions, announced an order from Norwegian Terox to deploy Amogy’s ammonia-to-electrical power system to generate electricity on construction sites. This collaboration will position Terox as a leader in zero-carbon electricity production in construction and will mark a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions for Norway’s construction industry.

Amogy’s 400 kW containerized solution will be installed in a 20ft container, which generates off-grid electricity to charge a battery bank. This battery bank then connects to a mobile supercharger that charges Terox’s fleet of electric heavy-duty construction vehicles.

Amogy’s ammonia-to-electrical power system utilizes proprietary ammonia cracking technology to split ammonia into its base elements of hydrogen and nitrogen and then funnels the hydrogen into the fuel cell to generate clean electricity to charge the battery banks. Unlike traditional combustion engines, Amogy’s technology produces zero carbon emissions at the point of use, marking a significant breakthrough in sustainable power generation.

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