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Helen and Vireon to build a hydrogen refuelling station at Helsinki Hydrogen Hub

Following Helen Ltd’s final investment decision (FID) earlier in April to build Helsinki’s inaugural green hydrogen production facility in Vuosaari, Helen and Vireon have signed a letter of intent with the aim of developing an adjacent heavy-duty hydrogen refuelling station. This partnership signifies a leap forward in the deployment of sustainable hydrogen fuel solutions, with Vireon set to construct a cutting-edge heavy-duty hydrogen refuelling station adjacent to Helen’s production facility.

Helen’s plans for the 3H2 Helsinki Hydrogen Hub project underscore its dedication to green hydrogen production, aimed at serving both the transport sector and industrial users. With an eye on large-scale hydrogen production, the initiative is poised to enhance the flexibility of Helsinki’s entire energy system. Notably, the project is designed to harness all waste heat generated during hydrogen production, integrating it into Helen’s district heating network, thereby embodying the principles of energy efficiency and flexibility, and reducing CO2 emissions.

“A sustainable transport sector, particularly heavy-duty transport, requires multiple zero-emission solutions. Hydrogen enables a carbon-neutral alternative for applications that are challenging to electrify directly. The introduction of new sustainable customer solutions requires collaboration, and we are pleased to initiate this significant partnership with Vireon,” says Tuukka Hartikka, Vice President, Renewable hydrogen & PtX at Helen.

Located in Vuosaari, the initiative is strategically positioned to leverage its status as one of Finland’s major logistics hubs, making it an ideal site for introducing emission-free options in heavy-duty transport. The project is a key component of Vireon’s vision to establish Finland’s first hydrogen corridor, stretching from the Helsinki capital area to Tornio via route E75 and connecting Finland to the Nordic hydrogen network. Vireon was recently granted EUR 4.2 million of EU support for constructing green hydrogen refuelling stations for heavy-duty transport in Finland.

“We are extremely pleased with our collaboration with Helen on the 3H2 project, and we will continue to plan the project together. We look to partner with various logistics partners, and I invite all those interested in the possibilities of hydrogen in heavy-duty transportation to contact me directly,” says Juho-Matti Uuksulainen, Project Director at Vireon.

The refuelling station, slated for operation by 2027, aims to meet the EU’s AFIR target standards, contributing significantly to Finland’s environmental targets and supporting the nation’s transition to sustainable energy solutions. Helen aims to commence the supply of green hydrogen produced entirely from renewable energy sources in the Vuosaari production facility by 2026, marking a significant milestone in the country’s green transition.

“The production and refuelling of hydrogen go hand in hand, and we can’t wait to offer green hydrogen from Helen’s production facility for our customers in Finland. Vireon has large ambitions to build an extensive hydrogen refuelling network throughout Finland and the Nordics, and our cooperation with Helen plays an important role in realizing our plans,” says Per Øyvind Voie, Managing Director of Vireon.

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