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Power to Hydrogen to test groundbreaking technology in the port of Antwerp-Bruges 

Power to Hydrogen wants to accelerate the transition to a green hydrogen economy through AEM (anion exchange membrane) electrolysis. This advanced technology is a potential solution to drastically reduce the cost of green hydrogen production using renewable energy. The technology has never been applied on an industrial scale before, and the AEM electrolysis stack for the NextGen demo project, which will be installed in the fourth quarter of 2024, will be the largest in the world. This demonstration is also being financially supported by global utility leaders, including American Electric Power, EDP, E.ON, and ESB as part of the Free Electrons utility innovation program.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges has cleared an area with a total surface of 88 hectares for NextGen District with the ambition to establish a hotspot for the circular economy. NextGen Demo is a zone of about 2 hectares within this cluster in the heart of the Antwerp industry, where demonstrators (start-ups and scale-ups, spin-off companies, and pilot projects) can test new technologies and circular demo projects that have outgrown the lab, on a larger scale and in an industrial environment before moving to commercialization.

Photo of Port of Antwerp-Bruges

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