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IP3 and Green Energy Partners partner to build  hydrogen and nuclear energy production facilities

IP3 Corporation (“IP3”) and Green Energy Partners announced their agreement to jointly pursue clean, green energy projects by establishing the Surry Green Energy Center, the “IP3” announced.

The project features a land acquisition plan for green data centers, with future options to build carbon-free hydrogen and nuclear energy production facilities.

The Surry Green Energy Center will be a new data center hub powered by carbon-free green energy and from small-modular reactors (SMRs) on-site. The project includes a fleet of 4-6 SMRs powering 20-30 data centers, generating hydrogen fuel, and providing backup power for Virginia’s grid. 

Virginia’s data centers process over 70% of the world’s internet data and the need for data storage and handling is growing exponentially. 

Photo courtesy of IP3 Corporation

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