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DEUTZ AG ran up the first serial hydrogen generator assembled for a Chinese partner 

“Our first partner and customer for the serially produced H2 combustion engine – initially for stationary use – is the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area”, Dr. Sebastian C. Schulte, CEO at DEUTZ reported in its LinkedIn.

This week Dr. Markus Müller and I had the opportunity to welcome the team of BDA in Cologne and show them where their GenSets are made. Together, we experienced the live start and run of the first serially produced H2 GenSet by BEA Secretary Zhang Quiang. Many Thanks to the entire BDA delegation for making the trip. And for the trust placed in our H2 engine. 

The whole DEUTZ team once again delivered proof that DEUTZ is ready to provide CO2-free solutions based on ICE technology”.

Photo of Dr. Sebastian C. Schulte

Press release

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