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FCH2RAIL demonstrator train completed the testing campaign in the Madrid area

The demonstrator train has completed the testing campaign in the Madrid, the FCH2RAIL announced. During the tests, the train simulated various commercial services from Madrid to Talavera, Monfragüe and Caceres. 

Additionally, a maximum autonomy test was carried out in which the demonstrator train reached Merida, capital of Extremadura, and covered a distance of 804km without consuming the total amount of H2 stored.  

With the end of this campaign, four Spanish provinces have witnessed the testing of the demonstrator train: Madrid, Toledo, Caceres and Badajoz.

In the EU project FCH2RAIL (Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Pack for Rail Applications), the consortium is developing and testing a new type of train prototype with partners from Belgium, Germany, Spain and Portugal: At the heart of the project is a hybrid, bi-modal drive system that combines the electrical power supply from the overhead line with a hybrid power pack consisting of fuel cells and batteries that is independent of the overhead line. The FCH2RAIL project is funded with 10 million euros by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership under Grant Agreement No 101006633.

Photo of FCH2RAIL

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