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Cryomotive revealed its hydrogen truck storage system and refueling station

Cryomotive GmbH’s CcH2 CRYOGAS hydrogen truck storage system and CRYOGAS refueling station is on the way to first demonstration, featuring high storage capacity at low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the company announced.

A first CRYOGAS truck tank system mockup assembly has been completed at Cryomotive’s manufacturing center in Pfeffenhausen, Lower Bavaria. The storage assembly is based on Cryomotive’s inhouse CRYOGAS 40 MPa COPV (Carbon fiber Overwrapped Pressure vessel) resulting from the latest TowPreg-winding campaign Validation through hydraulic burst and cycle testing has been successfully passed.

The specs of Cryomotive GmbH’s first generation CcH2 #

CRYOGAS truck storage and refueling system show the potential of CRYOGAS technology:

 Capacity per vessel: 38 kg of cryogenic gas @ 50 K and 40 MPa

Two-vessel frame-mounted storage system with 76 kg of cryogenic gas

 Three to four-vessel rack mounted storage system with 110 kg up to 150 kg overall capacity of CRYOGAS 

 Storage system cost at volumes of thousand units produced enabled to reach less than 500 €/kg stored

 Quick refueling of 80 kg in only 10 to 15 minutes with a low-cost reciprocating cryogenic pump at 500 kg/h fill rate

Three options to fill a CRYOGAS storage, from cryo-compressed LH2, from cryo-cooled GH2 and using standard 35 MPa CGH2

Оverall CRYOGAS refueling station cost (TCO) at less than 1 €/kg

Not to forget that Cryomotive’s CRYOGAS storage system can provide sufficient supply pressure for both, fuelcell and H2ICE truck powertrains, going as high as 2.5 to 3.0 MPa.

Photo of Cryomotive 

Press release

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