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Hydrogen Newsletter 20-27 August 

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ACME Group to set up a green hydrogen project at Tata Steel unit

Diversified renewable energy company ACME Group  signed the land agreement with Tata Steel Special Economic Zone Limited (TSSEZL) for 343 acres for its Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia project at the Gopalpur Industrial Park (GIP) in Odisha, making it the first ever Green Hydrogen project of the State. ACME Group plans to partner with Japan’s IHI Corporation for this project, the company stated on 24 August. ACME Group plans to set up a nearly 1.3 MTPA green ammonia production facility at GIP. This green ammonia will be produced from green hydrogen, and the production facilities will be powered by renewable power.

ACME Group will invest 270 billion rupees ($3.27 billion) to set up this green hydrogen and ammonia project, the Reuters reported.

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CAC-H2 Pte & FACET Power  join forces for green bio-hydrogen projects in Africa

CAC-H2 Pte Ltd and FACET Power Inc have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to drive in Africa the global development of carbon negative bioenergy & zero emissions fuels projects including: carbon negative base load renewable electricity, green bio-hydrogen, green bio-methanol, and green bio-ammonia.

The companies will cooperate on design, development, and delivery of FACET Power’s Complete Climate Solutions Energy EcoSystemsTM project portfolios in Namibia, South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi and continued roll out across the continent.

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Airbus UpNext selects R&D compressor for hydrogen power on board

R&D Dynamics Corporation has received a contract from Airbus UpNext to develop air compressors for its new demonstrator aircraft for the next generation of non-propulsive power through the use of hydrogen fuel cells. On traditional aircraft this non-propulsive power is required for air conditioning, onboard lighting and other inflight applications. Airbus UpNext will replace the onboard APU on an A330 aircraft with a hydrogen fuel cell system that will generate electricity.

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Hydrogen Subsidies Skyrocket to $280 Billion With US in the Lead

Subsidies announced for low-carbon hydrogen  have quadrupled over the last two years to cross $280 billion, according to the latest update from BloombergNEF, the agency reported on 24 August.. The US stands far ahead of every other country, with the $137 billion expected to flow to eligible projects over the next 10 years making clean hydrogen cheaper for the whole world.

The US edge comes from the compelling offer of $3 per kilogram of low-carbon hydrogen produced – promised under the US Inflation Reduction Act. BNEF currently estimates the cost of clean hydrogen production at $2.3 to $4.8 per kilogram. The US support makes low-carbon hydrogen competitive with hydrogen from natural gas, enables economies of scale and drives the technology down the cost curve, changing the hydrogen landscape for everyone.



bp completes feasibility study to develop green hydrogen hub in a Kwinana

bp completing its concept development phase study into its energy hub H2Kwinana, the government of Western Australia announced. The study identified two potential base case scenarios, with the hub producing either 44 tonnes per day of green hydrogen or 143 tonnes per day.

The potential growth target of 429 tonnes per day was selected as the third and final case.

Comments attributed to Hydrogen Industry Minister Bill Johnston:

“With the completion of this feasibility study Western Australia is a step closer to the creation of a green hydrogen hub.

“Kwinana has been a central hub of fuel operations for the past 65 years, the potential development of a green hydrogen hub would progress the decarbonisation of the Kwinana Industrial Area. “These kinds of projects are possible thanks to the WA Labor Government’s $180 million investment into renewable hydrogen.”


UK naval bases poised to trial hydrogen power units

The Defence Support organisation have launched the first of three hydrogen-fuelled charging facilities to power Front-Line Command electric fleet vehicles, the Nottinghamshire-based renewable energy firm GeoPura announced.

Starting with RAF Leeming, the hydrogen power units (HPUs) will also be trialled at the Navy’s HMNB DEVONPORT and the Army’s Merville Barracks, Colchester.

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German RVK has ordered 18 the first 18 hydrogen-powered buses

The first 18 hydrogen-powered buses of the Solaris Urbino 18 have been ordered by Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH, the RVK stated on 23 August. The contract has been awarded for the delivery of 18 hydrogen-powered  buses to the company Solaris Bus & Coach. Delivery is scheduled for the second half of 2024. The vehicles are used on RVK lines in the greater Cologne/Bonn area.

The Urbino 18 hydrogen buses intended for the RVK have an electric central motor and a modular drive. The absence of a traditional engine compartment allows for a reconfigured seating arrangement on the bus, maximizing passenger capacity. Equipped with a state-of-the-art 100 kW fuel cell set, these buses use more than 50 kilograms of hydrogen stored in eight cylinders on the vehicle roof. This ensures a guaranteed range of 350 kilometers regardless of the weather and topographical conditions.The RVK fleet currently comprises a total of 72 hydrogen buses.

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Brazil mulls tax incentives for green hydrogen projects

Brazil is mulling granting tax incentives for green hydrogen production, The Reuters reported on 24 August. The current priority is to build a regulatory framework for green hydrogen projects. Brazil has some $30 billion in low-carbon hydrogen projects including projects with fossil sources that capture CO2, according to government data. “We have studies that show that Brazil can produce the cheapest green hydrogen in the world,” Rollemberg said. “(But) Brazil is not in a current position to give the incentives that the European Union and the U.S. are giving”, said Brazilian special secretary for green economy Rodrigo Rollemberg.


H2X secures a US$57m cornerstone investment agreement to accelerate growth

H2X Global (“H2X”), the world’s leading hydrogen fuel cell vehicle company, has secured a USD $57m cornerstone investment agreement from Verde Mobility (“Verde”), which will drive the rapid deployment of its cutting-edge vehicle range to customers in Asia, India, Australia, and Europe. The agreement will provide immediate growth to H2X as it will finance the delivery of its USD $25.7m in firm vehicle orders while supporting its planned listing on the London Stock Exchange.

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Apollo Funds Acquire CATEC, Manufacturer of Transportation and Storage Solutions for Hydrogen

Global asset manager Apollo announced that Apollo-managed funds have acquired a majority interest in Composite Advanced Technologies.

Founded in 2014 and based in Houston, CATEC manufactures large format Type IV cylinders that facilitate the use of natural gas and hydrogen across a wide variety of industry applications when mounted on mobile trailers or used in stationary applications.

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The Mexican president López Obrador announced the construction of a green hydrogen plant in Oaxaca

The megaproject will be run by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, a Danish company specializing in infrastructure investment, especially wind power.

President of Mexica Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced the construction of a green hydrogen plant in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, in southwestern Mexico.

The Mexican president made public his intentions to execute the megaproject through a letter addressed to the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

“The Danish investment fund Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is about to begin construction of a green hydrogen plant to supply ships with this clean fuel and prevent them from transiting the world’s seas contaminating the large amount of hydrocarbons they consume (… )”, AMLO explained in the letter.

“When operational, the plant will supply fuel to ships in the busy port of Salina Cruz, on the Pacific coast of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec rail corridor, which connects to the Gulf of Mexico,” he said.

The letter is here


HydrogenPro expands production capacity and secured the first FEED  for a 200 MW factory 

HydrogenPro( headquarted in Herøya, Norway) has successfully upgraded and significantly increased its production capacity at the Tianjin plant in China. The recent expansion has seen the capacity rise by 66 percent, reaching 500 MW from the previous 300 MW. 

“The organization delivered an all-time high revenue of NOK 137 million in the second quarter with a gross margin of 21.6%. At the same time progress has been made on several fronts: We have increased our manufacturing capacity, the first FEED with our European partner ANDRITZ for a 200 MW factory is secured only four months after the partnership was announced and test of 3rd generation technology shows results in line with expectations”, says new CEO Jarle Dragvik. 

Photo of HydrogenPro

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German Brockhaus Hydrogen plans to produce green hydrogen for Brockhaus Stahl

The company Brockhaus Hydrogen from Plettenberg demonstrated its plans for the production of green hydrogen to a delegation led by South Westphalia Arnsberg district president Heinrich Böckelühr, the H2 News reported.Brockhaus Hydrogen would like to produce hydrogen itself and use it both at Brockhaus Stahl and to operate a hydrogen filling station. 

Instead of waiting for political decisions, they want to create a showcase project now.The “Brockhaus BlueCube” electrolyser developed in Plettenberg and Dortmund is designed to have an output of 3 MW and generates hydrogen using alkaline electrolysis.

Such a module, which fits in one and a half sea containers, currently costs around €2.2 million. With the appropriate approval, the steel coils at Brockhaus Stahl can be treated with the green hydrogen produced in the future. And a hydrogen filling station is also conceivable at the conveniently located location on Herscheider Strasse. In the best-case scenario, this would supply a fleet of hydrogen-powered trucks.


German EWE to supply green hydrogen to steel manufacturer Georgsmarien-hütte

The German steel manufacturer Georgsmarien-hütte and the energy service provider EWE aim to jointly implement hydrogen projects in a bid to advance the transformation of the region in terms of climate neutrality, the GMH announced. On August 24, Dr. Alexander Becker, CEO of GMH Gruppe, and EWE CEO Stefan Dohler, signed a declaration of intent to this effect in Georgsmarienhütte near Osnabrück. 

Partner EWE intends to supply green hydrogen from production plants in northwestern Germany for this purpose. According to Stefan Dohler, the starting point for the mass production of green hydrogen by EWE is the large-scale “Clean Hydrogen Coastline” project. This brings together production, storage, shipping, use in industry and heavy-duty transport, thus implementing the political requirements.

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2G Energy AG received orders for six hydrogen engines in the first half of the year

In the first six months of the current fiscal year, 2G has succeeded in expanding its global technology leadership in stationary hydrogen engines, the company announced.Overall, six orders for the delivery of pure hydrogen CHP(combined heat and power systems)  units were won in the first half of the year, most of which will be connected to the grid outside Germany.

“Although competitors are now occasionally announcing that their CHP units can also be operated with pure hydrogen”, says CTO Frank Grewe, “however, as far as we can tell, these systems are prototypes or at best pilot systems. We are even more pleased that we are now increasingly winning orders in which our H2 CHP systems are used on a full commercial basis, as our customers are targeting clear returns on our H2 CHP systems”.

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Smart hydrogen tram ‘Bulan’ makes first run  in Malaysian Kuching

A video of the triple-carriage hydrogen-powered tram on the road was shared on FB page, which is run by the Sarawak state premier’s Office.

The Sarawak state transport minister Dato Sri Lee Kim Shin announced  that the smart tram will undergo an engineering run from Sept 4 until Oct 31 on a loop on Jalan Keruing passing Menara LCDA, Menara SEDC, Menara Sarawak Energy and the Borneo Convention Centre.

The smart tram was developed by China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co Ltd.

“The smart tram is the first to adopt a hydrogen energy power system, which has the advantages of longer driving range and shorter refuelling time, as well as energy saving and environmental protection,” CRRC said in the Xinhua report.

The tram can travel up to 245km in a single charge of hydrogen.


 Arab Adnoc wants to take over German Covestro promising the delivery of green hydrogen and financing investments

The Arab oil company Adnoc is stepping up its campaign to take over the German plastics manufacturer Covestro. Adnoc offers itself to the group as a “reliable partner” for financing investments and for the medium-term delivery of green hydrogen as an energy source, the Handelsblatt reported on 23 August This was confirmed to the Handelsblatt by several people familiar with the situation. In the current takeover proposal, Covestro is also guaranteed independence.

(Photo: dpa, Reuters, Covestro [M])


Canada’s hydrogen Project Nujio’qonik submits comprehensive environmental study, the first one in North America for a commercial-scale green hydrogen project.

World Energy GH2 Inc. announced  that the company has submitted an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Project Nujio’qonik. This submission marks the first comprehensive environmental study in North America for a commercial-scale green hydrogen project.

Project Nujio’qonik is planned to be constructed on the west coast of Newfoundland and Labrador and will be one of the world’s first wind-to-green-hydrogen projects at scale with production coming online starting in 2025. Completion of the project’s initial stages will provide an immediate impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction efforts on a global scale. The initial stages of the project will offset ~850,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year based on displacing the equivalent amount of energy generated from coal.

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The Aussie hydrogen conglomerate eyeing a NASDAQ listing and unico

United H2 Limited (UHL) launched in 2019 and has since formed the world’s largest hydrogen conglomerate. Now, it’s planning a dual listing, and expects to achieve a valuation of $1 billion, the Forbes reported on 23 August.

Australian hydrogen conglomerate, UHL has revealed it’s three months into its listing process, seeking an initial public offer on the Canadian Securities Exchange later this year and, in late 2024, on the NASDAQ.

UHL  claims it has so far generated $650 million in market capitalisation across 11 companies. Each of those companies, it says, started from a valuation of zero.

The company plans to back its CSE listing with a US$50 to US$100 million capital raise and has engaged TriPoint Capital Management to execute the dual listing, saying the increased liquidity and capital associated with being on a stock exchange will allow UHL to execute its business model at scale.



Aurubis investing EUR 40 million in H2-ready furnaces in the Hamburg plant

Investment volume of about € 40 million in preparations for using hydrogen instead of natural gas in metal processing, the copper producer announced. 

The multimetal and recycling specialist’s Hamburg plant will be one of the first copper smelters in the world to use hydrogen instead of natural gas for the reduction process in its anode furnaces.The conversion in the Hamburg plant will be carried out as part of the plant’s routine maintenance shutdown slated for spring 2024. In addition to decarbonizing production, the new furnaces will improve process flexibility as well.

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First Hydrogen announced the fleet trials of Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell Powered Vehicle for parsel delivery companies 

First Hydrogen Corp. announces it will be opening up fleet trials to additional commercial opportunities in response to growing interest from parcel delivery companies seeking First Hydrogen’s hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered vehicle (FCEV) for express deliveries.

First Hydrogen Corp, a Vancouver and London UK-based company, has designed and built hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered light commercial demonstrator vehicles (“LCV”) under two agreements with AVL Powertrain and Ballard Power Systems Inc. The LCV has a range of 630+ kilometres.

The company’s proof-of-concept demonstrator vehicles are planned for operational trials with several parcel delivery companies looking to enhance their growing greener fleets starting late Q3 and Q4 of this year.

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OSM Thome and Pherousa Green Shipping Collaborate to build six bulkers powered by ammonia

Norwegian companies OSM Thome and Pherousa Green Shipping AS have entered into a Letter of Intent outlining their collaboration on a series of 63000 dead weight (dwt) Ultramax vessels to be ordered by PGS, the PGS  announced ON 22 August .These vessels are designed by Deltamarin in Finland. The initial ship design is derived from an existing Deltamarin Ultramax model, but it has been modified to include the ammonia cracking technology developed by Pherousa Green Technologies AS (PGT). This technology employs ammonia as a hydrogen carrier, facilitating true zero-emission propulsion. The collaboration involves Phases I, II, and III, encompassing Drawing Approval, Project Development, and Site Supervision for six 63000 dwt Ultramax Bulk Carriers. Furthermore, OSM Thome will manage the crew and technical management of the constructed vessels. 

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Monarch Energy Proposes $426 Million Investment to Create Hydrogen Production Facility in Ascension Parish

Monarch Energy, an energy company focused on decarbonizing the hydrogen production process, announced it is exploring building a $426 million facility in Ascension Parish, stated Louisiana Economic Development. The company estimates the proposed facility would employ a carbon-free process to manufacture 120,000 kilograms of hydrogen per day to be sold as a “green” feedstock for a wide range of industrial and chemical processes. The company expects to make a final investment decision and begin construction in 2025. It anticipates commercial operations to commence in 2027.


Plastic Omnium New Energies to build the largest hydrogen storage manufacturing plant in North America

Plastic Omnium New Energies has been awarded a large customer contract from a leading OEM and plans to begin designing, developing and producing hydrogen storage systems for medium- and heavy-duty zero emissions mobility, the Michigan economic development corporation announced on 22 August. The company plans to lease a facility in Grand Blanc Township, where it will establish what is projected to be the largest hydrogen storage manufacturing plant in North America. At a second, yet-to-be-determined location in Michigan, the company will establish a state-of-the-art testing and validation lab to support key aspects of the product’s safety systems. 



BPH Energy looks to increase stake in Clean Hydrogen Technologies to 17.5%

Australian BPH Energy has added to its stake in green energy fuel developer Clean Hydrogen Technologies with a further approximately $390,000 investment to take its holdings in the US company to 17.5%, the SmallCaps reported.

The company and its 36.1% (direct interest) investee company Advent Energy initially entered into a binding term sheet with Clean Hydrogen under which the purchasers agreed to subscribe for 10% of the total issued share capital of the New York-headquartered energy business.

In April 2023, the purchasers were granted the right to acquire an additional 10%.

Statement of the BPH Energy

Hyphen Hydrogen Energy  and ITOCHU Corporation todrive forward sub-Saharan Africa’s largest, green hydrogen project

Hyphen Hydrogen Energy has signed a MoU with ITOCHU Corporation to explore areas for potential collaboration between them to drive forward sub-Saharan Africa’s largest, and only, fully vertically-integrated green hydrogen project in Namibia, the Hyphen announced

Hyphen and ITOCHU, one of Japan’s largest general trading and investment companies, will now enter into talks on areas of potential collaboration on this landmark multi-billion-dollar green hydrogen project.

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Torghatten Nord inks  hydrogen supply deal for Norway’s 1st full-scale hydrogen-powered ferries

Tromso-based ferry operator Torghatten Nord AS has signed a hydrogen supply deal with GreenH AS, a Norwegian company that develops infrastructure for the production and distribution of green hydrogen from renewable energy, The Offshore Energy reported on 22 August.

Under the 15-year agreement, GreenH will supply hydrogen to Lofoten ferries.Namely, Torghatten Nord  has signed a contract with the Norwegian public roads administration to operate hydrogen-powered ferries between Bodø and Lofoten from 2025.

Torghatten Nord will build two new hydrogen vessels and convert two 2012-built ferries from liquefied natural gas (LNG) to low-emission solutions.


Fives launches its first 100% hydrogen duct burner

Industrial leader Fives, with over 100 years of expertise in industrial combustion, has just launched its first 100% hydrogen duct burner. The Hy-Ductflam™ is a key step towards the decarbonization of heating and drying processes worldwide as hydrogen emits zero carbon when burnt. Designed for new installations or to replace standard duct burners, Fives’ solution can be easily implemented by manufacturers with very limited process modification. 

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North Rhine-Westphalia to pay  €20 million for 200 new public hydrogen filling stations

The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia plans to support hydrogen filling stations for heavy goods traffic with €20 million.200 hydrogen filling stations are to be built by 2030.

Applications for funding can be submitted to the district government of Arnsberg from  until September 30, 2023. 

One can find more information here:

Hazer raised $14.7 million to develop its low -emission hydrogen production process

Australian Hazer Group Limited, a technology development company undertaking the commercialisation of the low-emission hydrogen and graphitic carbon production process, announced, that has successfully raised $14.7 million from existing shareholders and institutional investors as it charges ahead towards the start-up of its commercial demonstration plant later this year.

Proceeds from the raise will support, among other things, testing of the commercial demonstration plant, as well as promote important catalysts in the short term to unlock added value for shareholders.


Air Cahana to scale to 21 hydrogen powered aircraft by the end of the decade

Air Cahana plans to operate scheduled regional air service with a fleet of ATR airliners retrofitted with ZeroAvia’s in-development ZA2000 hydrogen-electric powerplants, the FlightGlobal reported on 21 August.

It plans to start with French-made ATR regional turboprops “about a year” into flying passengers. “It’s almost certainly going to be the only aircraft in the world that’s certified for 100% sustainable aviation fuel,” founder and chief executive Tony Thompson  says. “The second reason we are going to transition to that aircraft is because that’s the aircraft ZeroAvia is going to certify their hydrogen powerplants on.”

Air Cahana intends to operate ATRs using SAF before retrofitting them with hydrogen propulsion systems when ZeroAvia’s technology becomes commercially available. 

It plans to scale to 21 aircraft  by the end of the decade. “That’s a pretty aggressive plan but… I think we can do it”, Thompson says.


Sapphire Technologies secures $10 Million to accelerate hydrogen gas liquefaction solutions

Sapphire Technologies developer and manufacturer of energy recovery systems for hydrogen and natural gas applications,  announced that it closed its Series B funding round. The $10 million investment — led by Energy Capital Ventures and joined by Marathon Petroleum, Chevron Technology Ventures, Equinor Ventures and Cooper and Company — will go toward accelerating the commercialization of Sapphire Technologies’ FreeSpin® In-line Turboexpander. Powered by this funding, targeted projections show the turboexpander increasing production by 400% by the end of the year..

Sapphire Technologies’ FreeSpin® In-line Turboexpander (FIT) Generator uses advanced magnetic technologies that help  reduce hydrogen gas pressure and provide a way to capture the energy lost in pressure reduction. Liquefaction allows hydrogen to be stored in its densest state and transported with highest efficiency.

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Lummus and Biohydrogen Technologies Establish Partnership to Deploy Blue Hydrogen Technology

Lummus Technology, a global provider of process technologies and value-driven energy solutions, and Biohydrogen Technologies have announced an agreement to develop and deploy advanced synthesis gas reactor technology primarily for the production of blue hydrogen.

Lummus’ Green Circle business unit will provide to Biohydrogen Technologies its expertise in hydrogen and synthesis gas plant design, reactor scale-up and design, and proprietary equipment supply. This technology is an economically attractive solution to address the large-scale production of blue hydrogen. The technology is also differentiated from other possible solutions due to its higher thermal efficiency, lower capital cost, small footprint and ability to capture more than 99% of the carbon dioxide at pressure.

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Ballard announces orders from Solaris for 96 hydrogen fuel cell engines for buses in Europe

Ballard Power Systems announced multiple purchase orders for a total of 96 hydrogen fuel cell engines from long-standing customer Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. , a leading European bus manufacturer that is deploying hydrogen-powered buses across the continent. Ballard expects limited initial deliveries of the 96 fuel cell engines to start in late 2023, with most being delivered through 2024.

The purchases orders include the largest single order to date that Ballard has received from Solaris – an order for 52 fuel cell engines that will power Solaris Urbino hydrogen buses for deployment by public transport operator Rebus Regionalbus Rostock, based in Güstrow, Germany. Rebus is building two hydrogen refueling stations at depots in Güstrow and Bad Doberan to support the planned and future growth of hydrogen powered local public transportation.

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New York’ official highlights  $14 Million available to advance innovation in clean hydrogen

Governor of New York Kathy Hochul announced a nearly $14 million initiative to advance clean hydrogen research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) projects, the state released. 

The first round of funding makes up to $8 million available for projects that address the challenges of decarbonizing industrial process heat and advancing clean hydrogen production and renewable energy integration. 

Applications for Round One will be accepted through 3:00 p.m. on October 23, 2023. For additional information and associated documents, visit NYSERDA’s website here.

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Fidelis New Energy has chosen Mason County as the site ofa $2 billion hydrogen energy project

Governor of West Virginia Jim Justice and other state officials announced that Houston-based Fidelis New Energy has chosen Mason County as the site of the Mountaineer GigaSystem, a $2 billion hydrogen energy project.

The project is expected to use natural gas to produce hydrogen that will be used, at least in part, to power the Monarch Cloud Campus, a datacenter Fidelis intends to build alongside the GigaSystem. In total, the project is expected to create over 4,000 construction jobs while in progress and 800 full time jobs when complete. 

CCS Grants the first China AiP for Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Supply System

The issuance of this AIP certificate has provided a theoretical basis for the practical application of hydrogen energy on ships in the future. During the evaluation process, CCS fully leveraged its technological advantages, made multiple in-depth exchanges and verification with Weishi Energy Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. in terms of system principle, process flow, safety and reliability of the marine liquid hydrogen supply system, and finally successfully completed this AIP work.

Further cooperation will be made between CCS and the manufacturer on the approval of hydrogen fuel cells, work together to provide important product supply and technical support for the application of hydrogen energy ships and the industrialization of liquid hydrogen technology in China, and contribute to the low-carbon transformation and green development of shipbuilding and shipping industries. 

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India government sets emission limit for hydrogen to qualify as ‘green’

The Indian government has set an emission limit of two-kilogram carbon-dioxide for every kilogram of hydrogen produced to be classified as “green” from renewable sources, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy said on Saturday (19 August), the Euractive reported. 

“With this notification, India becomes one of the first few countries in the world to announce a definition of Green Hydrogen,” the ministry said in the statement, which detailed what emissions would be accounted for.

India wants to become a global hub to produce green hydrogen and is aiming for annual production of 5 million metric tons of the fuel by 2030, which would cut about 50 million metric tons of carbon emissions and save more than $12 billion on fossil fuel imports.


CSIRO released a new report “Hydrogen vehicle refuelling infrastructure”

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO and GHD Advisory  released a new report to call for Australia to focus on hydrogen-powered transport – alongside electric vehicles – or risk being left behind our international counterparts, the CSIRO stated.

“The report compared the different hydrogen storage and dispensing options available, and evaluated refuelling infrastructure options based on fuel demand and distance from the hydrogen source.

It found that while all Australian hydrogen refuelling stations currently have onsite hydrogen production, we will need to move to centralised offsite production and distribution of hydrogen in order to refuel vehicles at scale”.


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